Place for Sage 50 Lovers

Sage 50 is the most popular Accounting Software Package in UK. It is also popular in many other countries in Asia and Africa (India, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Nigeria) in addition to becoming most used Accounting system Great Britain and Ireland.

Accountants who have used sage 50 love it and they just cant live without it when they join other organisations.

There are many reasons behind so much affection for sage 50. (Formerly sterling and then sage line 50) These are the main factors:

Easy to use, Easy to learn
easy to install and setup
Great Audit trail to track transactions in seconds
User log
Great report designer
Disaster recovery friendly database structure
Addon - compatible
Reasonable security
Upto 10 users can be added

But if you are looking for a hassle free online Cloud Accounting application which support UK statutory requirements then the choice is Kashflow.

Payment Voucher generation, management and Printing with Sage 50

For a long time users of sage line 50 have been requesting an option to enter, manage and create Payment Vouchers from the system itself. However sage has not entertained such request till now.

Yet you may easily generate a Payment Voucher using the Remittance Advice facility, already available in the Bank Module. Now (after version 12)sage generates a Unique Number with each payment. This is automatically created with each payment whether you use Bank/Cash/CreditCard payment option or Supplier payment option. Thus the serail numbers created have only one series, not the ideal way to maintain separate Files (and sequences) each bank / cash accountwise. Yet some solution for control orinted Accountats.

Also, You can design a customised layout suited to your requirements.

Non Moving / Slow Moving or Obsolete Stocks Report in sage 50

Many Organisations who are using sage 50 for their Inventory Control purposes, wish to obtain information about Slow moving, Oblote or Non Moving stock item, their value, for how long they have been in stock etc.

Sage 50 has a reasonably good Inventory management Module, yet it does not have this functionality. It looks as if designing a such report impossible. However it is possible to obtain such information eventhough there could be some limitation in reporting Format.

We have designed such reports and contact us to receive a copy. There are Hundreds of other additional reports we have designed and we are willing to undertake new report developments for a very minimal fee.

Sage 50 2012 on Blackberry and iPhone

Sage 50 2012 version 18 will have the facility to integrate with popular Mobile devices including Blackberry and Iphone. Await more details...

Long awaited Lock Date Function on sage Line 50 will be available with version 2012

Long awaited Lock Date Function on sage 50 will be available withthe latest version 18, sage 50 2012 to be released in August (Next Month). With this ne addition, users / Administrators of software will be able to stop entereing transactions beyond a certain past date. This is one of the mostly sought after requirements from sage 50 community and accountants as it was possible to enter data to virtually for any date, even for dates in the Financial years closed without any restriction. Due to this closed Accounts could get modified and a person could ulterior intentions or even with oversight. The maximum control available was only to popup a message indicating " This Transaction date is beyond Current Financial Year"

This has been one of the major control weaknesses in sage 50 and ultimately sage have decided to Fix it with lot of relief for control oriented.

There are host of other useful features, improvements and changes are expected with Sage Line 50 2012 release (Now called sage 50). Although Sage haven’t changed the underlying file system they have made changes to how Sage caches data and tried to improve the locking mechanisms so that some operations will no longer lock out all the other users.
  1. Improvements in Cache and Locking mechanism
  2. Initial speed tests show no overall difference (possibly a bit slower) on straight speed but the record locking and caching may make day-to-day operations less prone to other users being locked out and support higher levels of concurrency.
  3. The cosmetic screen appearance has been updated to make it more contemporary and various processes modified to give the user more feedback that Sage is actually doing something (rather than having them reboot the machine because nothing is apparently happening and thus corrupting data)
  4. The Help -> About screen now provides far more diagnostic information and they also seem to have sneaked in a remote control option for Sage Support technicians.
  5. Internally there are changes to the way the SDK works in some areas so developers will need to make code changes in various areas including Net Value Discounts (which was absurdly difficult to do previously), Customer Discounts and Invoice Auto Numbering.
  6. The Transaction Post has also been updated to perform more checks on the data such as making sure the specified nominal code is correct for the type of transaction (not a Bank Account if posting an SI for example).
  7. Installation has been streamlined and made more straightforward for network configuration.
  8. There are various UI enhancements including new Quick Search Options and a Quick Print button.
  9. Data checking has been speeded up and offers more selective repair options than the previous blanket “Fix” button.
  10. The existing SData Service will be available to developers in Beta format. Essentially it is a web interface which sits on top of the SDO to enable low volume web based interrogation and update of Sage data. (You would for example only perform an action on a single account rather than a bulk process)

Sage 50 2012 v18 to be realesed on 1 August, contains many improvements in speed

Sage 50 Accounts 2012 is to be released next month in August, but anyone who buys an upgrade or new Sage 50 Accounts during this month (July) can request 2012 in August free of charge.

Please be aware this is on request only and will not automatically be sent out, so if you have anyone who wants this please remember and request in August.
However, it is always better to wait and see till the version settles down for the upgrade, unless you have serious issues with your current sage 2011  version.
Expected major Improvement in Sage 2012 are:
  • Lock date - You can now lock down a period so that no further postings can be made.
  • Chart of Accounts – Increased flexibility in the chart of accounts including structures for more business types, updated nominal codes and increased support for the needs of different business types.
  • Quick Search – Increased efficiency with the ability to search for items quickly.
  • Quick Print - Save time by defining a default layout for printing your invoices or orders.
  • PerformanceSage have increased investment in the development of the Sage 50 Accounts infrastructure, including record locking 
One of the major new features is a substantial improvement in the performance of the program  This means that reports are produced quicker and displaying large numbers of transactions, sorting, filtering and searching are all much improved. There are many other new features.