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Sage 50 is the most popular Accounting Software Package in UK. It is also popular in many other countries in Asia and Africa (India, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Nigeria) in addition to becoming most used Accounting system Great Britain and Ireland.

Accountants who have used sage 50 love it and they just cant live without it when they join other organisations.

There are many reasons behind so much affection for sage 50. (Formerly sterling and then sage line 50) These are the main factors:

Easy to use, Easy to learn
easy to install and setup
Great Audit trail to track transactions in seconds
User log
Great report designer
Disaster recovery friendly database structure
Addon - compatible
Reasonable security
Upto 10 users can be added

But if you are looking for a hassle free online Cloud Accounting application which support UK statutory requirements then the choice is Kashflow.

Customisation and configurable columns in Sage 50

Customisation and configurable columns
It’s possible to customise Sage 50 Accounts so that the ledgers are presented in the way
you want them, and the opening ledger is the one most relevant to your business.

Within Tools > Options > View you can choose your own Initial View, that is the module that
appears by default when you first open the software, and choose whether you want the
Process Map or the List to be used for the Customers and Suppliers modules.

Within each ledger window you can show information which is not visible by default, and
hide information which is not relevant to your business. To do this right-click the column
heading and select the columns you require. So within the Customers list, for example, you
could hide the telephone number, and show the email address instead

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